SSD1306 (OLED Display) Frame Buffer Test

The display is OLED! I bought this one in here.

This OLED controller has the other one, is 128×64. Of course I got it!

well, MPU is PIC18F26K22 that works using internal OSC@64MHz. SSD1306 is connected by I2C. I programmed with hi-precision Big letters, is worked on some functions. In the graph-drawing mode, I put two frame buffers onto the MPU since we are not able to read the bit-status on I2C mode. We can draw the graph and letters in same time by using this technique.
And, the bar graph has an arrow icon. This is shown the differential value. It means growing history. so, it’s easy for us to read it that is which direction growing.

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Post time: Jun-25-2017
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