Replacing a Sony Alpha A77 camera’s broken LCD screen

I damaged my Sony Alpha A77 LCD screen, by sitting on it while the screen was out… No Sony camera service in Egypt, so I replaced the screen myself. I’m posting this video because I couldn’t find one showing how to repair a broken screen. I was guided by a posting on a Flicker users’ group, relating to Sony Alpha cameras. Here is the link of the discussion, where you can find the steps, and also a link for a diagram for the A77 LCD assembly:

And this is the link of the person (serafisnz )who posted the above steps:

I bought a replacement screen on ebay for about 13.5 USD, from the same supplier mentioned in the Flicker steps. There are many other vendors, and prices vary a lot, and can reach 149 USD! Mine worked perfectly.
Good luck!
Ohan Janikian

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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