Latest FL-888A Manual LCD Separator Machine /7-inch LCD screen separator

we sold Latest FL-888A Manual LCD Separator Machine /7-inch LCD screen separator /Separate Glass Touch Screen Digitizer,worldwide
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Name: LCD screen separator
Model: FL-888A
Power supply: 220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ
Heater power: 800W
Temperature range :50°c-350°c
Thermostatic stability: +1.5°c
Size: 315X160X175mm
Fuse: 4A
Weight: 4.75KG
Brief Introduction of Screen separator:
The LCD Screen Separator is used for separating glass lens,touch screen and LCD display assembly of Apple,Samsung,HTC as well as other cell phones.
Like the current main stream cell phones, Apple, Samsung and HTC,many new cell phones are made of display assembly. Since glass lens, touch screen and LCD are connected together, it is hard to separate cracked or broken screen by hand if happened . Always you have to take it to Depot for repairing. The cost is high and the time is long. Or you need purchase expensive equipment package, including separate machines, SMT machines,laminating machine and bubble removing machine.
But now you can handle it easily. We have developed the machine and skills, it is unnecessary to buy expensive equipments and wide space for general repair shops. After mastering the skills, you can replace an old screen within 30 minutes and it looks like a new one.
To save your money and safely ship, we suggest that you can get UV Glue and Screen solution glue from local market.

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