FiXED: VGA LED LCD monitor’s horizontal Flickering Waves and shakes, monitör dalgalanıyor

UPDATE: 1ST and very simple Method: isolate monitor’s plug’s ground metal by some isolation date. Picture (Bantlı çözüm)

2ND METHOD and old one :Before buying unnecessary equipments TRY SEPARATiNG your monitor and case’s power sockets. PLUG your monitor ALONE to a spare socket. Kısacası monitörü tek başına prize takıcaksınız….
The problem appers only if you connect your case and monitor’s power lines.

If you have a VGA connected monitor and a new Case with a new powerfull VGA card then It will flicker. Especially on grey dark portions of your screen you will see horizontal waves going up and down. You will see waves while gaming or on desktop.

Using new cable, using adapters for ex :HDMI to VGA, DVI to VGA, changing your VGA card to another model won’t solve the problem. So DON’T BUY anything. You just need a spare socket on the wall for your monitor.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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