Arduino Digital Clock Project

Ahmed Mohamed Ayman
Bishoy Nabil Kadies

The main idea of the project is using 7-segment 4 digits display along with Arduino programmed board to produce a working digital clock. The circuit connecting the board and the display depends mainly on transistors as logic gates. The display digits wired to the Emitters of the transistors along with the display’s segments. What decides which segment (LED) is going to be turned on is the voltage on the base, which is determined using some other Arduino pins. For example, if we want to turn on segment A on digit 1, first we turn the desired digit on (HIGH) then we turn the voltage to HIGH on the Base of the A segment, so we have it done.

1x ArduinoUNO.
1x Breadboard. A half size board will work, but a full sized one is easier to work with.
Breadboard Jumpers – quite a few are needed.
7x 2N3904 NPN type transistors
8x resistors. Try for a value greater than 200 ohms and less than 1k. I’m using 220 ohms.
7x 1k ohm resistors. These will keep your Arduino from overheating
1x 4 digit 7 segment display


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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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