3D Printed Arduino Leonardo + PN532 RFID + 1602 LCD + Tony Stark’s arc reactor

I’ve had old useless 1602 LCD lying around so I decided I will 3D print case and use it with RFID Reader on Arduino Leonardo, for LEDs I used my 3D printed Tony Stark’s arc reactor.

Just basic Mifare Classic CUID reading and actions based on CUID, no dumping data.

Example actions seen in video
- Card for changing basic tone
– i make sound based on basic tone * cuid[i]
- Card for disabling sound
- Card for disabling led flashing
- Card to select second app (valid / invalid card)

PN532 works gr8 on Arduino Leonardo over HSE connection, but I’ve had problems using other data transfer options. I also couldn’t make it work with I2C on Wemos D1 mini, I wanted to create IoT RFID reader.

You can do many project RFID/NFC cards, but for security reasons I recommend making applications with active NFC cards (phones) or secure EV1 / EV2 Mifare cards, anything other is crap; can be remote cloned or bruteforced using collision exploits…

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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