0n Aug. 2015, We have the capability of producing Color LCD display for specific application.

On Apr. 2013, The sales revenu of whole group reach $20 million.

On Jul. 2012, Another two new automatically production line constructed at Hengyang factory.

On Sep. 2011, Our HK subsidary founded.

On Aug. 2010, we was praised as one of “Top 100 Strong Private Enterprises of Longgang District”.

On May. 2009, our subsidary factory founded at Hengyang, Hunan.

On Apr.  2007, we are certified by RoHS.

On Oct. 2006, we have been recognized as one of Hi-tech Enterprises of Shenzhen City.

On Jun. 2005, we had achieved the mass-production of Color STN LCD display.

On Apr. 2004, We are certified by ISO9001:2000 Quality Control Assurance System.

On Dec. 2002, The first production line start mass production at factory.

On Jul. 2002, The company founded at Longgang,Shenzhen.

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