Yaskawa: Extra-large LCD glass substrates handling robot

The MOTOMAN-CDL3000D liquid crystal glass substrate transfer robot from Yaskawa Electric won the Advanced Display of the Year Grand Prix prize in the Manufacturing Equipment Division at the 2008 Finetech Japan exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight. The robot’s lift shaft uses Yaskawa’s proprietary double link brace mechanism, and with its double arm mechanism, the robot can transfer weight of up to a 100kg per arm. The robot can also transfer 10th generation compatible, extra-large LCD glass substrates that are 2850 x 3050mm in size using its up and down stroke of 4000mm and its front to back telescopic stroke movement of 5200mm.Arm flexure is also minimized with high-rigidity and flexible operations using the double-link brace mechanism, and the compensation level in the torsional direction of the hand that carries the LCD glass substrates can be adjusted through vertical twisting of the right and left link braces. With such features as high rigidity mechanisms and highly flexible movements, the MOTOMAN-CDL3000D achieves the fastest transfer speed in its class with a tact time of 37.4 seconds. This speed is due to a more lightweight design of the overall system including the drive motor and the reduction gears and improvements in the power transmission system. In the future, Yaskawa Electric intends to supply LCD glass substrate transfer robots with different features to support a variety of substrates from small LCD glass substrates to 10th generation extra-large LCD glass substrates and to further strengthen its FPD robot business.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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