Video playing on Nokia 3310 LCD with Arduino and SD Card

A full writeup on the project and source code is available here:
The video playing on the screen is the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, a common meme. The video is easily recognisable to those who have seen the original.
This is a system I developed to display video on a Nokia 3310 LCD via an Arduino.
The video to play is dithered and encoded via Processing on a computer into my custom file format, and then saved on to a SD Card.
The SD Card is connected to the Arduino via an Ethernet Shield’s SD Card slot. The Arduino then allows the user to choose which video file on the card to play. It then decodes the file in real time and displays the results on the screen at around 15 frames per second, which is very fast considering the hardware and appears smooth to the human eye.
I used capacitive buttons as I did not have any real buttons lying around, plus they work really well!

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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