Using a Chapstick to Remove an LCD Monitor Scratch

Hi there,

I found out something today that I felt I had to share this with you guys.
When I got in this morning I discovered a rather nasty scratch running down my LCD monitor screen (A lovely present from the kids!!)
Obviously I wasn’t too pleased and wondered what I could do to fix it, searching the net I read about a technique using Vaseline and although I was a little dubious about the claims made I thought that I would try it out on one of my older monitors first.

I hadn’t got any Vaseline in the house so thinking about things with a similar texture I instantly thought of chapstick, I found one of my wifes Derma original tubes and that is what I used, I can tell you that it may not be Vaseline, but I have to say “Wow!” the results are amazing so I thought I would demonstrate on camera to share this tip.

First wipe the area with an alcohol based cleaner to clear the screen of smudges and dirt, apply the Derma stick along the length of the scratch then using a circular motion, rub the chapstick residue well into the scratch before wiping off the excess with a clean lint free cloth and that is it, simple, fast, but very effective.

Although you may still see the scratch when viewing the display from obscure angles, it is much less noticeable if not even totally invisible from the front, normal viewing position.

This tip has saved me having to shell out for a new screen and I hope it will prove useful to someone else out there with a similar problem.

Thank you for watching.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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