Smart Valley – Home Automation

This service enables the control and monitoring of the electromechanical devices of the residential tenant area, including meters, HVAC, and lighting, through a user-friendly touch screen control panel.

I. Energy control
This allows tenants to monitor energy use, control thermostats and other smart devices inside the house, receive utility messages and alerts, get up-to-date billing information, and evaluate and compare energy use — all from one tabletop display.

II. Smart Lighting
The sensing feature can detect the status occupancy and automatically turn on and off the lights. Also the music responding feature can provide mood lighting therapy during the time the tenant is listening to music.

III. Home personalization
This service puts in memory the preferred setting of each family member, allowing the user to set their mode in the occupied room with the push of a button. With this functionality, the user can set their preferred pictures in the digital picture frame, set the light and room temperature, and much more.

IV. Security Management
Managed Safety and Security consist of installing the necessary equipment to capture data, monitor the data and the video feeds, detect an emergency, and execute the correct response procedure. Responses can include sending an SMS to the service subscriber, broadcasting an alarm, connecting to the police, and displaying messages on digital signs.

V. Home Entertainment
This solution allows tenants to enjoy their favorite entertainment at home. Here are just a few possibilities:
• Simplify the audio, video, and home theatre components with one remote to control all
• Turn the television into an elegant interface from which the tenant can access and control their entire home
• Access all movies in the multi-disc changer, iPod, or NAS drive from one interface, and search by cover art
• Create a one-touch scene to lower the lights and shades, plus adjust the temperature to create the perfect ambiance for movie night
Choose to hear classical in the living room, blues in the kitchen, and rap in the teen’s room – all at the same time.

VI. Smart Appliances
The tenants can select from a wide range of smart and connected appliances such as, Smart Washing Machine, Smart Fridge, Smart Vacuum Robot…All those appliances provide remote control and automation to their use which ease housewives lifestyle.

VII. Home Mobile Access
This solution is an application that allows the tenant to remotely control the home from their favorite device. The Smart Home Mobile Access enables multiple features such as control of lights, temperature, music, movies, energy, security, and more, from any device including the iPhone, iPad, tablet, or laptop, depending on user preference.

VIII. Nanny Cam
This service allows the tenant to watch the kids under the supervision of the nanny. Cameras can be strategically placed in the house for that purpose.

Smart Valley Lebanon is a smart, mixed-use community by Sakr Real Estate that will provide an unprecedented luxurious life.
Built on the three pillars of Smart Environment, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Living, the development excels in multiple key areas: Economy, mobility, environment, people,
living, and connectivity.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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