ARDUINO WITH GSM – Making a Call & Sending SMS

How to Control a GSM board using Arduino.This video explains how to make a call & how to send SMS from an Arduino through GSM

Many are confused with the connection.Generally Rx goes to Tx & Tx goes to Rx..This is the rule.But the GSM board I’,ve used here has a MAX232 IC & T1IN/R1OUT of 232 IC is printed as TX/RX & not that of GSM SIM300.
If this is not working for you simply swap the connections.The connections shown in video is correct when you use a NSK GSM board.

Always ensure that
Rx of Arduino (pin 0) goes to pin 11 (T1 IN) of MAX232 IC &

Tx of Arduino ( pin 1) goes to pin 12 (R1 OUT) of MAX232 IC.
No matter whether you’ve or not the 232 IC ,as we are using TTL logic signals

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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