Production Process of LCD Screen

                                                                                  Production Process of LCD Screen
LCD production process1
LCD production process2
III. Main Introduction

1、 ITO patterning using wet chemical etching processes.

ITO Glass (Inspection) => Pre-Cleaning=> 
LCD production process3

=>Etching=> Peel off=>Inspection
LCD production process4

2PI Coating:  Uniformity Coating the Polyimide layers onto the glass

Cleaning before PI=> PI Coating=> PI Backing=>Inspection
LCD production process5

3Rubbing: Rubbing the surface of tropism layer based on the given direction. ( Woolen material/Rubbing Cloths/RayonNylon)In order to let the LC molecule well array under the requested direction.

4Seal screen printing & Panel assemble:

1). Edge seal “gasket” screen-printed onto Glass.

2).Two pieces glass substrates assembled together into pairs to form a “panel” and small distance “spacers” placed in-between the glass substrates with an exact diameter for accurate cell-gap control. Gasket adhesive thermally cured at typically 175 degrees centigrade for several hours.  
5Cell scribing & Breaking: Cut out of the 14 x 16 inch panel into single small panel in order to get a “filling-port” for injecting the LC.
LC-injection:  Need a vacuum environment.

7End sealing: End sealing the panel by sealing glue.
Cleaning: Cleaning the excess LC material remained on the panel.
Visual Insp.& Electrical Insp.:

Visual inspecting the surface of glass, and testing the display image under the electrical instrument, taking out the unqualified products

10Polarizer assemblingAffix the polarizer on the panel and degassing.
Pin connector assembling/ Heat seal pressing

12Final inspection: Carry through the final inspection and package, the last step is in stock.

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