Conductive Rubber Strip vs Metal Pin vs Zebra Connection

The Connection Type Of LCD  can be mainly divided into Conductive Rubber Strip Connection, Metal Pin Connection and Zebra  Connection, let’s have a brife introduction regarding to the different connection type of LCD displays.

Conductive Rubber Strip Connection
It is flexible and no welding, rapid assembly and disassembly, it has a better shock resistance.


Metal Pin Connection
Metal pin connection can be soldered directly to the printed circuit board.

PIN is the most common used connection for LCD. I am often asked one question. Can we make the pitch between two PINs 1.0 mm? Of course, we can as long as you pay for the extra cost.  There are 4 common used types of pitches: 1.27 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.54 mm. The widths of PIN are 0.635 mm, 0.75 m,1.0 mm and 1.27 mm. If you can order 50 thousand each buy, we can make the custom PIN (even bent PIN) and the custom pitch for you and there is no extra cost.


Zebra  Connection
A printed circuit board and a LCD are connected by flexible zebra paper, which adopts the heat sealing processing or the soldering processing and can be use in all kind of harsh environments.


The comparison of three connection

Connection type Connected with LCD  screen Connected with PCB Pitch gap
Conductive strip connection Conductive strip connected with isolated rubber mechanical pressure Min 0.3 mm
Metal pin connection metal pins are soldered in the LCD steps Soldering 1.27, 1.5, 2.0, 2.54 mm
Zebra  connection Conductive thin film Heart seal,  soldering or mechanical pressure Heat seal: min 0.4 soldering type: min0.8


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Post time: Jun-07-2017
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