59.6 million TV panels shipped globally in 1Q17, says Sigmaintell

There were 59.6 million TV panels shipped globally in the first quarter of 2017, decreasing 0.8% on year, but the corresponding total panel area of 31.8 million square meters increased 11.7% on year because the average size per panel increased 0.8-inch from the preceding quarter to 44.2-inch, according to China-based Sigmaintell Consulting.

The increase in TV panel size was because of large hikes in prices for 40-inch and below TV panels, which narrowed profit margins for 40-inch and below TVs, and therefore TV vendors have shifted focus to above 55-inch TVs.

LG Display was the largest TV panel maker shipping 12.51 million units in the first quarter, followed by Taiwan-based Innolux with 9.44 million units, China-based BOE Technology with 9.13 million units and China Star Optoelectronics Technology with nine million.


Post time: Apr-17-2017
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